Arms Race Escalation at Phoenix Comicon

We are pleased to announce that Arms Race: Escalation is going to be shown at Phoenix Comicon ( 23rd-26th May.  We are even more pleased that it has been nominated for awards in the following categories:

  • Best of Festival
  • Best Web Series
  • Best Steampunk / Diesel punk

If you get a chance to go to the event please do so – we’d love to hear what you think!



Phoenix Comicon Award Nominated


The Ravenskil Chronicles – auditioning now!

Our next big audio production is The Ravenskil Chronicles, a Cthulhu-inspired horror/detective series set in the 1920s. The scripts call for a cast of thousands (well, dozens) and we’re asking  for your help yet again. Only this time it doesn’t involve running up and down a beach in the rain, as with the Arms Race: Escalation shoot.

In fact, acting for an audio drama is an altogether rather cosy affair, involving sitting in a comfortable chair, thesping into a microphone while you’re fed with tea and biscuits.

We will be autioning for voice actors on Sunday 12th August from 4pm – 7pm and again on Sunday 19th August from 12pm –  3pm (or as long as required) and would like to invite anyone who is willing to give it a go to come and take part.

There are characters of all ages, genders, backgrounds and dodgy regional accents so should be something for everyone. Let us know if you’d like to come along and please feel free to spread the word to anyone else whom you think might be vaguely interested.

The sessons will be at our recording studio (well, Chris’ house) on Mill Hill Rd in Norwich. If you’re in Norwich and would like to give it a bash but cannot make either date then we may be able arrange to come to you at a convenient time – let us know.

If you’re not local all is not lost: we can arrange for you to audition by sending a recording over the internet.Recording of the actual series will be done in a fairly piecemeal fashion dependant on when and where actors are available so shouldn’t represent too much of a drain on people’s time.

Do let us know if you’re interested, either in the blog comments or by using the contact page.

Please note that unfortunately we will not be able to pay or cover expenses for this project.


Keep up-to-date on Arms Race Escalation

We’re currently right in the middle of the huge shoot for our upcoming web series, Arms Race Escalation. If you’d like to know more about this steampunk action adventure extravaganza, make sure you check out some of these resources:


Remembering Lu Harvey

It’s A Trap team member Lu Harvey has passed away after a battle with cancer. Lu was integral to all of our projects, bringing a vital understanding of how to manage complex projects from her experience in professional television production as well as her considerable talents with special effects make-up. We also had the chance to enjoy her brilliant voice skills as Yvette Du Lac in both series of Jack Steel.

Making short films and epic audio dramas isn’t easy, and a common saying round these parts was “I wouldn’t want to try to do that without Lu!” Her involvement always ensured a project would go as planned, to a high level of quality, and that, perhaps most importantly, everybody would have lots of fun.

Everything she did in life was to help others make their dreams into reality. She taught us so much and we’ll continue on with the same determination and passion that she brought to everything she did.

Lu’s colleagues at FXhome have set up a Just Giving page where you can donate to the cancer charity which gave Lu lots of support.


Spiffing Fans

Please visit this page where we have fixed the audio link!


April IAT update

Welcome to the new, polished up and shiny for 21st century visitors. On the right you’ll find some lovely social media links (it’ll never catch on!) and up top you’ll find some handy menus for getting straight to whatever it is you’re after.

Now that we’ve all recovered from the 48 Hour contest, we’ll hopefully be getting Spiffing Review back on the road soon with a redesigned format of sorts. Don’t worry, the Gerty Scale will still be used.

Talking of our Sci-Fi-London 48 Hour Film Challenge entry, Temporary Status, we were pleasantly surprised to see its viewer numbers skyrocket past what we expected in just a couple of days. After a few days of not entirely knowing what was going on, YouTube eventually informed us that it was all thanks to Kotaku, who had posted a little article about it. Being mentioned on such a major gaming site gave us a real boost, and hopefully some of the people that discovered Temporary Status because of it enjoyed what they saw.

Meanwhile, over on our spanky Facebook page we’ve got some behind-the-scenes production photos from the 48 Hour weekend. You can find them here.


The Ravenskil Chronicles

Please check back soon for information about our next audio drama, The Ravenskil Chronicles.

For those of you with twitter, why not follow @ravenskil?