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Cabin in the Woods: Spiffing Review

Another long awaited return of the not award winning podcast Spiffing Review. Simon gives a brief overview of The Avengers before a proper review of The Cabin in the Woods (contains mild spoilers).

In the trailer park this week

  • Battlefield America
  • 388 Arlette Avenue
  • Crazy Eyes
  • Teri Meri Kahaani
  • The Campaign


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Arms Race Escalation now in post

On Sunday we wrapped principal photography on Arms Race Escalation, bringing to a close the longest, most ambitious shoot we’ve ever attempted. Having now had a day of rest, we’re swinging into action on the web series’ post-production, which will take us through to the November online release. We could never have done this without our incredible cast and crew, some of whom you can see in the photo above.

For detailed production updates, keep an eye on the official Arms Race website.


Keep up-to-date on Arms Race Escalation

We’re currently right in the middle of the huge shoot for our upcoming web series, Arms Race Escalation. If you’d like to know more about this steampunk action adventure extravaganza, make sure you check out some of these resources:


Arms Race Escalation production begins!

At long last we have reached the shoot for Arms Race Escalation, the 6 episode mini series sequel to our 2010 short film. This Saturday principal photography begins on the Norfolk coast, before moving inland to various locations in the  countryside and Norwich itself. The shoot is a week long which makes it the biggest film project we’ve undertaken by quite some way. It’s an ambitious 6 episodes and we have a fantastic cast and crew all geared up to give it their all.

Meanwhile, here’s another glimpse at one of the new props coming up in the web series: