Way back in 2008 we released the first episodes of our twelve part audio drama Squadron Leader Jack Steel and the Starblade. Between them the twelve episodes have been downloaded around 70,000 times, as well as being broadcast on actual radio in Canada and the USA (apparently – no-one we know actually heard them…) SLJS was It’s a Trap’s first big project outside of organising one-off LARP events and the first time we not only presented a finished product but also took a look behind the scenes as well.

It also represented the first and (probably) last time that we tried to create income from a project with merchandise. Although this means that most of us still have stylish Jack Steel t-shirts and hoodies, it also meant that we put a bit of effort into making the physical media worth buying as opposed to just downloading the episodes for free. To that end we produced an extra prequel episode that we claimed would never be podcast. So, since this is a blog and not a podcast (and with apologies to the two people who bought the audio CD…) may we present the long-lost prequel episode Mordred’s Mission

(nb – the “play” icon is hidden to the left of the time counter on this particular player plug-in…)