This weekend we’re throwing together a very short short for the LOCKE 85-Second Challenge. We’ve found that time limited challenges often bring out the best in us, forcing proper creative thinking. This time round we don’t have the theme and genre restrictions of the Sci-Fi-London 48-hour Challenge but we do have an extremely tight running time in which to tell a contained story.

Yesterday some of IAT linked brains to test out a few different story concepts. From this highly successful pub meeting came a number of potential short film premises, though several of them we decided to park so that we could give them a proper treatment outside of this particular challenge.

Meanwhile, the selected subject we decided upon and the project’s chosen scribes Chris Burdett and Tom Butterworth set pen to paper today, delivering two connected but alternate takes on the subject. These are now being coalesced prior to tomorrow’s afternoon shoot. It’s a super-quick turnaround for a super short short, which seems appropriate. The plan is then to close the edit on Monday before passing it off for finishing.

The crew shakes down something like this:

Directors: Christopher Puttock & Nigel Clegg

Writers: Chris Burdett & Tom Butterworth

Actor: Tom Butterworth

Editor: Christopher Puttock

Director of photography: Joshua Davies

Grading/finishing: Simon Jones

Once again we’re very pleased to welcome regular IAT collaborators Josh and Tom to the fold and look forward to unleashing their particular talents on the project.

We’ll see you on the other side.

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