Welcome to the new itsatrap.co.uk, polished up and shiny for 21st century visitors. On the right you’ll find some lovely social media links (it’ll never catch on!) and up top you’ll find some handy menus for getting straight to whatever it is you’re after.

Now that we’ve all recovered from the 48 Hour contest, we’ll hopefully be getting Spiffing Review back on the road soon with a redesigned format of sorts. Don’t worry, the Gerty Scale will still be used.

Talking of our Sci-Fi-London 48 Hour Film Challenge entry, Temporary Status, we were pleasantly surprised to see its viewer numbers skyrocket past what we expected in just a couple of days. After a few days of not entirely knowing what was going on, YouTube eventually informed us that it was all thanks to Kotaku, who had posted a little article about it. Being mentioned on such a major gaming site gave us a real boost, and hopefully some of the people that discovered Temporary Status because of it enjoyed what they saw.

Meanwhile, over on our spanky Facebook page we’ve got some behind-the-scenes production photos from the 48 Hour weekend. You can find them here.