It’s A Trap team member Lu Harvey has passed away after a battle with cancer. Lu was integral to all of our projects, bringing a vital understanding of how to manage complex projects from her experience in professional television production as well as her considerable talents with special effects make-up. We also had the chance to enjoy her brilliant voice skills as Yvette Du Lac in both series of Jack Steel.

Making short films and epic audio dramas isn’t easy, and a common saying round these parts was “I wouldn’t want to try to do that without Lu!” Her involvement always ensured a project would go as planned, to a high level of quality, and that, perhaps most importantly, everybody would have lots of fun.

Everything she did in life was to help others make their dreams into reality. She taught us so much and we’ll continue on with the same determination and passion that she brought to everything she did.

Lu’s colleagues at FXhome have set up a Just Giving page where you can donate to the cancer charity which gave Lu lots of support.

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