If the Mayans were to be believed, 2012 is a trap for us all. Assuming that to not be the case, we’re going to be busy this year on several exciting projects.

Arms Race web series

It’s been a long time in development but the Arms Race web series is finally going to happen this year. Following on from our 2010 short film we’ll tell the continuing adventures of soldiers in a steampunked Crimean War. This time out we have better equipment, a more experienced crew and a fantastic multi-episode script from Chris Burdett. We’re doing everything we can to up the scale and excitement, while keeping the fun, tongue-in-cheek style of the original short.

To get a sneak peek at what we’re up to, check out our recent weapons test.

We’ll also be updating the Arms Race website soon with pre-production diaries, so keep an eye on that.

Arms Race comic

Bridging the gap between the end of the short film and the start of the web series, our first foray into comics will be a 3-issue adventure with all-new characters and a few returning faces.

The comic will be released online for free and will expand the backstory and universe of Arms Race considerably. A preview of some work-in-progress panels can be seen above.

The Ravenskil Chronicles audio drama

This remains something of a working title for our brand new Cthulhu-inspired horror-detective series, from the producers of Jack Steel. Set in the 1920s in the aftermath of the Great War, Captain Alistair Higgins must face his past if he is to survive an encroaching threat from beyond the known world.

This multi-part audio drama was written by IAT members Chris Burdett, James Harvey and Simon Jones with guest writers Tom Butterworth, Nadia Jones, Mike Fortey and Amy Lyall. It’s the biggest audio project we’ve ever attempted and paranormal mystery fans are in for a treat.

Spiffing Review returns

Your hosts Simon Jones and Wayne Bolt are back this weekend for the third series of their decidedly irregular movie review podcast. They even intend to release episodes on a regular basis this year, though we’ll believe that when it happens. Episode 1 will be online soon featuring reviews of Tucker And Dale Versus Evil and Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol.